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TD5 90 Rear 1/4 panel guards

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Hey there,

Took my 90 offroading today for the first time and was convinced of my previous thoughts based on my experience with my crawler Disco - the Nas rear Defender bumper is LOW.

Sold it, and now looking for the 1/4 panel quards the likes of Scorpion Racing and Safari guard...

Thought I'd post here to see what you guys have experienced with and any weaknesses in any designs/manufacturers. I plan to order a pair on Monday.



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Hey Nadim,

having bent the RH quarter this last fall I had to do something:

I didn't go for the Scr@piron/SG like bumperettes,although they look good,

as the risk is to bend the X-member sides instead,this I have seen with the oe handles,

hard to believe but if something hits you in the rear at the right angle the x-member bends easily.

Also they stick out too far for my taste.

Sooo I made my own protectors out of s/s before and now alu,not diamond plate but smooth surfaced due to personal preference.

I made them taller than oe ones and extended them to cover the the whole angle.

Well,easier if you look at the pics.

The cardboard template:


The extended bit to (hopefully) give a tad more rigidity:


The s/s prototype (now alu):


Cheap and chic.

I hope it helps.

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Don't buy from Scorpion they have probably robbed the design from a previous supplier.

then made it cheaper. WV in Bradford do loads of fabrication for scorpion and sell it cheaper than them too.

just like the extreme suspension designs taken from Equipe

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I've got the Scorpion style ones, though I didn't get them from there. Got them at Sodbury from somewhere like Paddocks maybe - they didn't have a sign up but it was somewhere like that. Just looked on their website but couldn't find them there. Cost about £85, Scorpion were about £135 at the time I think. Can't be sure but they look exactly like the Scorpion ones, and I suspect they came from the same supplier anyway. Very well made and finished.

I like them, and have come down hard onto a rock on one and didn't bend anything, just slid over it.



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Cool - thanks guys! I like Devon 4x4 (Simon and LIz are nice people to deal with) so I'll try to see if they have anything there. If not, I'll source from Paddocks as suggested.

Here are some tease pics (stock suspension with anti roll bars 285/75 AT/kos - 217hp TD5




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Just an fyi the ones that Scorpion supply are about 97 pounds a pair

They have an additional bracket bracing than the paddock ones but other than that they are the same. The paddock ones are about 78 pounds a pair now.

As has been pointed out you do risk bending the rear cross member though with these on.

The best solution in my opinion is a new HD cross member that wraps around like the rear Devon 4x4 rear winch cross member..


Notcheap at 530 pounds and you'll have to relocate your fueltank on a TD5!! ;);)



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