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TDV6 transplant


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Nothing is impossible but I'd hate to think how much you'd have to spend on the electronics to get it all to run properly!

Yes they still use ZF's, I think both the 6 speed manual and 6 speed auto are ZF's, the auto certainly is. Neither of which you would recognise as a Land Rover gearbox from the driver's seat i.e. they are smooth quiet and slick in operation :)

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They're putting it in the defender in a few years are they not as a factory fit?

Nope using a smaller Ford/Peugeot unit that will first be seen in the Freelander before Defender. Rumours are that it will be in Defender in early 07 depending on Freelander launch and availability of engine in large enough volume.


Steve :)

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Guest mr_wuffles

I thought they were fitting a 2.7 version of the Ford transit/monedo engine as a stop gap until fitting the V6? I remember readin it in one of the mags LRO i think.

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Could be a bit expensive , is it impossible?????

Looking at the piccies I've seen the front prop comes out on the lest hand side of the engine so you'll need a P38 front axle. Rear prop is central so should be OK with a 'normal' rover item. Electrics will probably be a nightmare, hopefully you can make it work without using a DIII alarm system as I can see that causing problems on a defender. In the end, everything's do-able but is it worth it?

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