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V8 EFi Wiring

Mike Brownlie

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Hi guys,

im helping another member with a 3.9efi conversion and im looking for some assistance with the wiring.

the engine and all ancilarys work as we removed them from a running 1989 rangerover.

so far i have managed to get the engine turning over and main relays click.

checked for spark from a spark plug but none.


1. can anyone advise me on what the connections and wire colours are on the white plug on the rangerover connector ?

2. has anyone got the pin outs on the 200tdi engine plug (rectangle one)

3. does the fuel system need to be presurised to get a spark ?

4. the coil +12v can be taken from the aux on the altenator ??

5. the interference suppressor is it important ?

any other hints tips appreciated.

oh, im not going carb or megasquirt on this one !



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CAn you post up the RR V8 wire colours you have, I can sort of almost rememebr but can't think what all the colours are, some are joined together in the plug mention those to

If I can't remember BBC or Mr Fridge will know

From memory and I may be getting me flapper and me Hotwire mixed up

White purple fuel pump - 12v feed ignition on

Thick Brown or thicj white and something - main power feed

White = 12v ignition on

White and red thin = cranking ?

and then me mind goes all blank like :lol:

Rather than to risk my memory hopefully someone will cross check agree the above, rather than let the famous lucas harness smoke escape


PS MS It :P:lol:

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I believe the wiring for the hotwire efi is in the tech info section which will save me trying to read out 40 wire colours.

I believe the ignition will be shown on the main wiring but coil negative goes via a resistor into pin 39 on the ecu

The +12v should be ignition switched live (white) and go to both the coil +ve and the ignition amp and the capacitor.

ignition amp (white/black) goes to -ve on coil.


ETA everyone else jumped in while I was looking in the book. Would add though that the wiring changes again from 1990.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Its me he's helping.

I have that very same diagram, but i was wondering. Is it the same as mine because mine dont have Lambda sensors?

Also having trouble getting a spark at the moment. Iv mucked around with the coil wiirng and i think iv got it right. What else should i look at?

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You need sparks before the ECU will even think about firing the injectors, so you need to sort that first and check the feed (white/black) from coil -ve to the ECU is connected.

If you don't have lambda sensors, just ignore them on the diagram, everything else should be the same.

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Ah, ok. Cool. I shall get that done first.

And iv noticed there are two purple and white wires for the fuel pump relay. i take it the white with solid purple line is power and the white with dashed purple line is the power.

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