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Whats it Worth

Guilford Dave

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A friend of mine is thinking of selling his CSW. It in France RHD but French registered, It can be bought back to UK and put back on English plates. It done 176K miles but had a new engine fitted at 151K. Chassis is all good but there is a little bit of early signs of corrosion in the bulkhead.

What would a realistic asking price for it be.



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Iv'e seen dogs for £3.5k + and others still fetching £7.5k ! with 200tdi's in. I paid £4,800 last year for mine that was standard with new alloys and a stainless exhaust, good service history and 147,000 on the clock (miles not KM)

The recon motor is a bonus, but some may suspicious about it and some may not like the french bit....not because of the french, just because of it being seen as "an import". If you look in autotrader online and try a national search you will see what every one else is asking for one.


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Are you sure if its French LHD will the speedo not be in Kilometers not miles meening it is round the 100,000 mile mark.

No its an orginal British RHD LR exported to France by my friend and then registered in France. So the speedo is in miles not kilometers. have been told that he can apply for the orginal British number back and it will not of been re issued to another vehicle.


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