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replacement callipers

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After chasing brake problems for two weeks now (mainly waiting for parts to arrive) my rear callipers are still leaking with new seal kits and pistons fitted. The callipers are worse than originally thought and the fluid is leaking from where the seal fits the calliper. So what I need to know is has anyne tried the britpart callipers? do they fit? (not as daft a question as you may think!) and do they come complete with pistons & seals fitted and bleed nipple?

They cost £45 from ***ocks or £140 (I think) for the Land Rover dealer ones and as I'm skint with supposedly moving house I'd like to save myself £200 ! (I need both sides).

What do you rekon?


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Heve you asked your local brake specialist how much???

You did fit the seals the correct way ???

Lockheed/Girling straight from the factory.Might be a better price than Land Rover.

I eat rat poison,they increased my dosage yesterday.


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That was quick!

Mike, Rachel has your seals.

yes, they were fitted right (should be, I've fitted 8 in the last two weeks!) Where you take out the retaining ring and the wiper seal is under it, that part of the callipers is pitted. So when you pressurise the system the fluid leaks in between the wiper seal and the calliper recess. All fitted correctly and retaining plate pressed home fully. I must say that the dealer ones were easy to fit in a few minutes, unlike the copy ones I tried first.

it looks like the callipers are just past their life. I guess at 160000miles and 13 years (with some reversing into the sea!!!!) has taken its toll.

I'll order the copy ones (fingers crossed regarding quality....)

thanks chaps


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