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300tdi Timing Belts. Oe Vs Aftermarket....


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Once upon a time there was only one choice, the OE timing belt, made by Dayco.

Now there is a plethora of belts to choose from. The OE one, a Dayco aftermarket one (are they the same ??? :huh: ), and ones made by Dunlop, Federal Mogul and possibly more.

Are the aftermarket belts as good as the OE one ?

Anyone have any experience with 'the others' ?

Any opinions gratefully accepted. :D

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I only ever use Genuine or Dayco on L/R engines. A couple of quid saved could be very bad economy. Replace tensioner/guide wheels at the same time they may feel ok, but the bearings do fail and the timing belt can be thrown off, yet another false economy .


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thanks fella's

I forgot to add that I also tend to believe timing belts are only made by Gates (who don't do a Landy one), then Dayco. All others are unknown. Funny thing is the FM one is about 50% more expensive than the Dayco.... :blink:

Regarding the tensioner and idler pulleys, can they be 're-bearinged' or do they have to be replaced as an assembly ??

TIA (again)

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I think I'd get the whole thing as supplied by LR rather than trying a cheap repair, for much the same reason. I imagine you could re-bearing them, but if you ended up with the brg a bit lop sided or something you could have a "300Tdi Timing belt problem" all of your own making :unsure:

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