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Intercooler Hose


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My 200tdi 110 has been feeling a bit down on power lately, especially on saturday towing a stage one all the way back from Kenilworth. Recently been serviced and everything looked ok so I was thinking it could be the injectors as I reckon they are over due a change. Anyway yesterday when I was uderneath checking how bad the steering box was leaking (it'll do for a bit yet) I noticed the bottom intercooler hose was split :rolleyes:

So can anyone (Ralph?) tell me what the part number is for the bottom flexi hose that connects the intercooler to the long metal pipe that goes up to the inlet manifold is. It's a short bit of hose with a 90° bend if that helps identify it.

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I had a problem where my 200tdi 90 was down on power, and sometimes wouldn't even rev at all. I replaced the intercooler hoses with silicone jobbies, replaced air filter etc and it was still very sluggish. Last week I changed the fuel filter and couldn't get it to prime at all... so changed the lift pump, wow, what a difference. The pin had snapped in the lift pump and it looks like it's been broken for a long time too.

New silicone hoses, air filter, fuel filter and lift pump :D

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Fitted the new hose this evening and wow does it make a difference, it really was down on power, you just don't notice it so much when it happening progressively, I guess the split has been gradually getting bigger. This is the hose I removed....


Tried the hill I go up every morning on my way to work and i can once again drive it in 5th rather than having to drop down to 4th :D

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I know and if I'd known the price (I was in a rush when i ordered it from Exeter 4x4 and they are usually very good so did't bother to check the price) i would probably have gone for silicon. Oh well live and learn, silicon next time.

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