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Pinion Drive


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Are the pinion drives for the speedo know to wear out?

My speedo has dies! <_<

Replaced the cable and still nothing ... :angry:

Removed nearly everything on or about the hand brake assembly and tightened the bolts..... still nothing....

Then I removed the speedo drive retaining plate and drove the landy with my finger on the speedo drive, it moves. BUT when the speedo cable is connected, hanging out of the dash, the inner cable is not turning.

So, I retightened all the screws in the speedo drive connection and now the speedo is working......slightly.... lots of jumping about.

I'm wondering if the pinion drive and retaining plate have worn to the point, where they have developed a glap big enough, between them, that causes the erattic speedo reading.

Parts are cheap enough to order, just wondering if anybody has solved their speedo woo's the same way?


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you seem to have a problem at either the driven (trasnfer box) end, cable or speedo head.

To rule out the speedo, put a thcik wire, such as bicycle spoke or the metal pins that come with pop rivets with some insulation tape on the end into the speedo head drive and spin the drill in reverse. If the needle moves and is steady, then speedo is fine.

Next atttachtthe cable to the speedo and put end of calbe in drill and repeat; now you can rule out the cable leaving the drive as the possible culprit. Look at the end of the cable, early cables are squre, later ones that you buy now are oval; if the end is rounded off, it is likely to be speedo cable.

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We can rule out the speedo head, it does work. The cable is new and I tested it today. The problem is coming from the drive area.

You made a good point, the end of the cable is indeed oval, rather than the expected square end. The pinion drive does have about 2mm of in/outward movement, so I'm figuring that it must be that.

BTW, I just did the school run and the bugger is not working again. :angry:


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I suppose you know that the drive gear on the outgoing shaft is only squeezed in place? So if the drive member on the brake drum is too loose, the gear will slide on the shaft. That was once an easy fix on my "late" 109 ;)

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No I did not know that. :huh:

I guess, the whole thing will need to come off, so, I'll wait for a reply from Rolf, before adventuring any further.


have you been reading the post for dislocating cones? I think my plan is changing a little....stay tuned :P


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