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Transylvania Adventure Trophy 2009

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Hi team 35 here we managed to cross the finish line yesterday really really please we made it feel's like such an achievement. We had a few problem along the way lots with punchers and other bits but we managed to over come them thanks to challenger 4x4 and the dutch for the spare we had off them to get us going agian.A very big thanks to all our sponsors in the uk for there support without you this would not have been possible.

Hope the teams with casulty get better soon.The event was excellent very very extreme the days were very long and very exhusting.We had mixed weather the terrain and views were out of this world.

The locals were very friendly waving and cheering as we passed throw villages in the road book.It was great to see i think 14 different nationalities and to chat with them

A massive thanks to TAT for such an amazing well organised competition by far the best event we have ever competed in.

Picture's will be posted soon when we get home.

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What a great event, It was a shame that only two cars from our team of four made to the start line.

One car pulled out the morning we left, and my team mate, only made it a far a Germany with major cooling probs on the tow car, this now left me to team up with big orange truck (or big'en as the locals called it).

The trip down to Deva tooks us 2 and half days and was pretty uneventful and apart from bing pulled by the fuzz round Budapest and being charged 50 euros for not having our head lights on at 2 in the afternoon, and the lorry driving becomes crazy once you cross over the border into Romanian.

The Event its self is big and every one turns out to see it and it is on the national TV and radio (crews running a round doing interviews etc), lots of very well kitted out truck were waiting on the start line from all over Europe.


Our First day was a long one, started at 3pm and finished at 3:30am and was only 60 ish km. The Big'en was just not at home on this type of event, apart from being too wide to fit between the trees or in some cases the track, it had some cooling issues where it was using lots of revs to try and keep up.

In the end at 3am we let it hanging from a tree with a dead battery with only 1km left to go..


The next day was spend recovering the Big'en which took 6 hours to get it the last km back to camp. That evening at camp met up with Dom (the crazy frog) whos team mate was now also out due to axle failure. We were allowed to carry on as a new team but with not points and were not allowed to over take other teams still competing.

so day 3 we started at the back and had a good laugh but the going was slow as we had to wait for the teams in front. one 350meter winch climb took us over 2 hours to do :o While waiting at the bottom of yet another winch hill Dom's truck developed some fueling issues so we called it a day and head off the mountains to find a beer and then on to camp. most of the guys that completed that days road book didn't get into camp until 1 or 2 in the morning....


That afternoon Dom learned one of his countrymen had had a nasty accident with his hand and winch rope so he rush off to help as a translator. so that was it for my event. from what little i did see, the routes were demanding and technical, weather constantly changing mean that team in front of you could drive a section which you would have to winch due to the constant thunder storms.

Going back for sure... with some better nav equipment, much longer winch ropes and a support/tow car with aircon :)

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