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I don't seem to be able to park any more!


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Recently my windscreen wipers have started playing up.

Using wash/wipe, they will go back and forth normally, but stick upright rather than park

On intermittent setting 1 they will just go from horizontal to vertical and stick

On constant slow setting 2 they will work normally, but not "park" automatically

The same applies on fast wipe.

Using the stalk, I can park them.

Any ideas? <_<

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This happened to me once on a trip in the pouring rain... the only solution we had at the time was to tie a piece of string to each wiper, long enough to reach into the cab and then manually pull on them. As you can imagine this resulted in some hysteria especially from the driver who had to concentrate in the torrential downpour AND do his part in wiper motion :hysterical:

I'd suggest getting it fixed before you reach this stage

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many years ago I had a 1956 swb motor, and the (pathetic) wipers had the virtue that they had a little manual tab on the back of the exposed motor with which you could apply extra pressure and help the weedy motor along... now those were proper landrovers

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Grateful for all the suggestions folks

(And for the input on how to do the search cipx!! - I'll try next time............... :huh:

It seems there may be a number of things I can work through - anyone got the part number for the piece of string......?

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