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two weeks on and a few problems ???


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ok got my disco on 2nd of jan its m reg 300tdi

the problems i have so far or the ones im having problems find a place to start with

gears the gear box is grinding when coming down throught the box and if i have the clutch fully down in gear for a few mins (at lights or junctions) im putting this down to one of three things 1/ gear box is on its way out or selecters are going 2/ diffa are nackerd it seems to have happend when i tested the low range box probbly never been used before so could be the diffs need stripping and parts replacing 3/ is that it is the clutch on its way out its quite high and can find anything in the records of it being replaced so could bethat but where do i start i just read in anougther thread about someones jumping out of diff lock some one surgested it could be the tyres now i notice the back wheels are not as wide as the front i plan on changing these anyway could it be this

ok next problem and i hope i found the cure to this but not sure

the engines starts to play up cougthing and spluttering when i get to about 2800rpm this isnt a problem it sits nice at 70pmh but if i need to drop a gear to over take or go up a hill i dont have full range of the gear so can struggle on steep hills im going to put some EGR blanking plates on but anyother suggestions the engine was rebuilt 40,000 miles ago

thanks again

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Can I ask how you tested low-box? If you've driven it about on a hard surface with the difflock in you may not have done it any favours.

no on a field (borrowed a trainging area for a few mins) it went in fine but not sure if it was used prior to this

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coughing could be fuel sedimenter blocked,lift pump failing,air filter blocked,intercooler hoses collapsing,start at the sedimenter and check the fuel system.

cheers m8 going to work on it tomorro a clean out of as much as i can see how it goes

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mine used to grind down the gears then the master cylinder and clutch fork gave up on me...... replaced them both and all was fine... worth doing the clutch while you are in there..

cheers m8 think it was on the cards so that will be my next buy

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