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Rick Stein's Has Just Got Bigger!!!

Guest MJG

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Any body else catch Rick Stein's French cooking thingy on BBC2 tonight???

1 - How come his 90 in the last series has grown to a 110???? same colour just bigger. (Who's betting the PR guys from Ford have stepped in with the offer of a 'loan' Defender 110 following the last series....)

2 - So Chalky is 15 years old and couldn't tag along........ gutted........ he was the star of the last series!!!!!

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I also saw the program. Trouble is it keeps making me hungry with all that lovely food. It did get me thinking that I must go back to France for a trip next year. Last time I ended up eating Goose Gizzards. I didn't really want to but it looked like thinly sliced beef. I tried to ask what it was but couldn't understand the reply. It was only when we got back to the campsite and looked it up in the dictionary that I realised what I had eaten :o


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