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300tdi Cluch pedal

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Hi Everyone

Fairly new member here, mainly use difflock.com but finding myself here more and more.

Wondered if any body had any ideas on this.

I have a late 300 tdi 90 and i find the clutch pedal although it works fine and is fairly light for a landy is quite jerky.

I am already changing the slave and master cylinder as they are cheap to see if they make any difference, i have taken the pedal box off to make it easier to change the master one and give it a clean and lube while its out and i have noticed that due to the design of the box and spring it helps you push the pedal down, hence a lighter pedal and then towards the bottom of the stroke it changes to pull the pedal to return it. clever

But what i am finding while im driving is when i am trying to find the biting point and im bringing my foot up i can feel the pedal pushing against me as it should but when the spring changes from pull to push the pedal will almost stay on its own.

I keep taking the pressure off the pedal and nothing, then all of a sudden the pedal pops up and im kangeroo ing down the road. makes it very difficult for a smooth take off, dont notice it when on the move, only slow manuorves

I have looked on Microcat and i have the spring that looks like the spring you would find in the middle of a clothes peg

Has anybody else found this, any idea what is wrong.



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Pedal sounds like it's working fine, problem is more likely to be the hydraulic side, I've got the same pedal unit in my 110 & don't have any problem finding the bite point.

while you have the pedal unit out make sure you lube the shaft the pedal moves on at the points where it fits in the outer case, sometimes if they are stiff they can affect pedal operation & make it stiff or stick.

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