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Fridge/Freezer Question


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I have a pump out of a small freezer that I'm using as source of compressed air. When I power it up it runs for a few seconds, then a relay or something clicks and it stops. After a few seconds another click and it starts up again. It keeps doing this until the pressure reaches about 40psi then it runs perfectly, even if I switch it off it restarts and keeps running.

What I want to know is, is it just being temperamental or is there a low pressure switch or something causing this?

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Just at a pure guess having never played with these things (done plenty of cookers during saturdays while being an Apprentice for extra cash), but could it be that at low pressure the resistance to the pump would be very little, so to minimise it spinning too fast for some time until pressure had been built it is therefore prevented from doing this? just a theory :)

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Got it sussed. It's a motor overload, whilst the oil was cold the motor was under too much load and tripped a cut out, which reset itself after about 30 secs. Pre-pressurising it made it worse.

When everything is nice & warm it will start up with 160 psi on the outlet!

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