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Mouting HS 2.8 TGV to gearbox

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Is it possible to mount an HS 2.8 TGV engine to a standard LT77 box? Most of the people choose for mounting the R380 gearbox, but with the LT77 it's sitting a lot closer to the bulkhead, which is better on weight distribution in a Ninety. It's replacing a 300Tdi, which already is mounted to the LT77.

Anyone who has done this?

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i havnt done it but you can mount a 300tdi to an lt77 with a bit of work, so i assume that means it can be done.

Yep, that's the work we've done before on fitting the 300Tdi. Unfortunately the nasty rattle which was in it when we started it first got it failing... Driven less than 100 miles with that one.... Now wanted a good engine finally after this horrible 300Tdi, the not-so-nice 200Tdi which was in it, and the underpowered and high milage 2,5 N/A diesel which was in it when he bought the car.

i think most people go for the R380 as the tgv tends to eat manual boxes as it is. save the clutches and go auto now!

Not really an automatic fan, as dad has had a Disco Td5 auto with all history and first owner known and failed completely on the auto gearbox when the car was only 16 months old with 70.000 miles on it.

We've rebuilt manual boxes ourselves, but automatic rebuilt seems to be a bit more of a challenge ;) These two things are keeping us here sticking to manual. ;)

Removed the engines of both dad's Ninety and the Disco HS TGV donor, fitting will be today, hopefully it will be running tonight. Not sure about the oil filter placing though, it sits differently and might be touching the bulkhead with the engine sitting so much further back...

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To answer my own question after spending a day in the shed... It does NOT fit. Unless you have a RHD Defender and aren't afraid to cut your bulkhead. Due to the exhaust outlet on the 2.8TGV sitting further back it just won't work on an LHD Defender with LT77 short bellhouse box. On the 300Tdi the exhaust exit is in front of the turbo, at the 2.8TGV the exhaust exit is at the back of the turbo.

So now moved on in a new topic in the International forum, because I hope we can use the Disco R380 we have laying around...

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