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I have a 110 petrol which I will hopefully be restoring soon. I am also getting hold of a 110 Tdi which will require a rebuild first.

The petrol has a lot of play in it somewhere in the drivetrain. I've replaced the UJs, and want to know where to look next. Anybody able to post me some decent threads? I had a search, but I guess 'clunk' is a bit of a loose term... A-frame ball joint?

What's the best axle and drive train parts for both the petrol and Tdi? (May as well be hung for a sheep than a lamb, right?!) I'm fortunate to live in an area where pretty much everything is salvaged, suffers little rust and there are a lot of government vehicles which seem to get rolled and written off, but apart from that little heavy use...

Any advice, or pointing in the right direction would be very much appreciated. Finally, any pointers on identifying the axles used, gearbox and transfer box? The 110 petrol is an 89 model. I can post pictures if it would help? I have a Haynes, but it's the diesel model book. Once again, sorry if this is all new boy stuff. I was told by a gnarled old (38-40 is old round these parts!) mechanic that "England is for specification and Africa is for modification", so just a bit worried my ex-Masaai Mara 110 has had a bit to much of the local touch.

Many thanks again, sorry if this is a boring topic - I hope one of you guys has a slow evening on your hands and a desire to impart so knowledge! Thanks!

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Finally, any pointers on identifying the axles used, gearbox and transfer box? The 110 petrol is an 89 model.

my 110 is a '89 model too.

front axle is standard LR type

rear is a Salisbury both use the same diff ratio of 3.54:1

main gearbox is the LT77

transfer box [hi/low/difflock] is the LT230

to fully identify each axle the serial number is stamped into the case for the front axle it's above the horizontal weld lind on the upper curve of the right hand tube as you look at the vehicle from the front.

the rear axle serial number is on the left tube above the brake pipe on the rear of the tube

gearbox serial number is on a flat face directly below the oil fill/level plug at the bottom edge of the casing

transfer box serial number is on the rear face below the PTO round cover

for gearbox serial numbers ---

If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a longstick : 50A, 51A, 52A, 56A, 60A, 61A, 66A, 68A, If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a shortstick : 53A, 54A, 55A, 57A, 59A, 63A, 73A,

for transfer box serial numbers ---

The LT 230 was fitted to all 5 speed Defenders, all Discos and the RR Classic upto 1988. The serial number will be stamped in one of 2 possible places, either on the bottom left of the main casing or on the earlier vehicles right at the bottom of the left hand side face of the main casing obscured by the exhaust pipe in which case you will need a knife (to scrape the muck off) and a mirror. You are looking for Eg. "28D123456E, we are interested in the first two and the last, i.e. we call this a "28E". Click here to see where these number are. Please have a look in the LT 230 Technical Section to find a list of Serial numbers / Ratios.

above info from http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/index.html :i-m_so_happy:

axle numbers are on the 1st attached page.


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