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V8 Manifold to Downpipe Issue


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Hi everyone... first poster here..

I have a problem with the downpipes on my Disco, wondering if anyone has experienced it....

...put the car into a 'Land Rover Specialist' in Sheffield on wednesday morning at 10am for a RH manifold swap (cracked), a steering box replacement, and manifold to downpipe leaks.

Got it back tonight,..... He had to take the air con pump off and lost all my gas, blamed a loose joint... he replaced the manifold...but the downpipe joint leaks more than when I put it in... he was scared to nip them up.

He didn't test drive the car and asked me to bring it back when I decide where I want the wheel!

(says he ran out of time even though having the car for 3 days to do 4 hrs work!, gave him the sections out the RAVE manual too)

....not a great experience!

Any road...apart from looking for garage recommendations!!... has anyone had an issue where the manifolds won't pull up to a seal on both sides??? is it simply a realignment job??

....my friendly incompetent mechanic said the manifold faces weren't flat... Its fairly diffficult to warp a cast face... and I checked it..


(hoping he's done the steering box correctly....)

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Will do my profile... It is Sheffield as mentioned in the text!

The RH manifold was sourced from Famous Four and tidied by myself prior to handing to my incompetent new friend.

The downpipe studs were brand new, and I ran some emery across the face to ensure no old gasket material was left.

The gasket used looks like LR supply as it came in a kit with bolts etc... what the bolts or mind I don;t know as they are studs obviously...

.... I have read elsewhere that the manifold face can warp... anyone heard of it??? I couldn't feel any warping.

Obviously removing downpipes and refinishing faces would be a PITA..

...Could a good old realignment of everything sort this??

Thanks in advance


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