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Strap/Strop Ratings


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Quick question about strps and strop ratings...

If something is being marked as being x tonnes SWL this is a rating for lifting, yes?

Firstly, what is the safety factor of lifting equipment? 5 ?

if so, thensomething marked as 2t swl should be safe for 10t pulling (rather than lifting).

Am I correct in this assumption? :huh:

If so what rating should I get on a strap that I intend to use for recovery purpuses on a Disco? I am thinkin in terms of 5t or 8t?



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If she throws yer dinner in the dog/bin, won't speak to you and has a 'head ache' that no known pain killer can cure all because you came home late with another rusty landrover then I'd rate that strop as a 7/10 :ph34r:

Ah, that explains a lot.... :huh:

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ISTR there's a great deal of variance in straps/strops depending on what they're used for and the level of certification.

Safety factor could be anywhere from 1:1 to 10:1 or higher. No doubt someone will correct me on this, but I also seem to recall straps designed for lashing heavy loads are rated by the load they will restrain, not their lifting breaking strain - so a strap that will hold a 10t load from falling off the side of a truck may break at 5t lift or less. :(

On the flipside, at work we have slings etc. rated for suspending people from poles, they are rated to 250kg but they're more heavy duty than many of the multiple-ton rated strops I've seen used for off-roading.

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I had it in my mind that it was 2x for pulling, 5x for lifting and minimum 10x when personnel transport is involved i.e. lifting people. Which means if I wanted to hang myself I'd need a decent rope for safety's sake :ph34r:

One criticism I saw somewhere about wire winch cables is that 8mm wire rope which is commonly used is only rated to about the breaking strain of many 9000lb winches, giving almost no safety factor at all.

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