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Am I being Supid or Wot?


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Hi Guys

I have a freelander only just got it before xmas. Anyway stopped at a set of lights last Sunday and that was it just went off. I couldn't start it again. I got the AA out and they told me it was the fuel pump so I got it in the garage. The garage has replaced the fule pump and here come's the is it me being daft part........... The fuel gage seems to be going up instead of down. Is this a wire been put back wrong I don't know? Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks all

Stevieg :blink:

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There has been a post about this before - ages ago - if i can get the search to work i'll try and find it but from what i can remember it was something to do with there being 2 x types of fuel sender unit - however - you've not had this re newed - was it an in tank pump they changed? Have a look at the wiring connector on the sender and see if it has been reversed. You'll find it under the bottom of the back seat from inside the car

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