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toying with the idea.


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If you mean plating the top of the rear tub (as in not the floor) then a lot of people have dismissed that idea due to the safety implications. Imagine someone crashing into the rear of the car and pushing the peice of chequer plate forward - which in turn slices you in half.

I fancied doing it with mine and having a lift up panel (with boot struts) to form a boot, but the thought of being sliced in two put me off :D

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at the mo its a swb van but it is awkward to tie everything down when going off roading so wanted to make it more compact but at the same time make it easier go get stuff out also would like to make it so i can stand on it so it would have to be strenthened underneath the chequer plate i would like to keep everything inc the spare inside the rear tub also can't make my mind up weather to fit a drop down tail gate or fit a choped down rear door ?



1962 2a swb 200 tdi.

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Why Chequer plate? Do you too have an obsession with Chequer?

Got to say I'd use chequer plate in that instance anyway. He wants to walk on it - so the tread patern will be useful, he wants to lift it so the fact it's alloy will make it lighter than using steel - seems the perfect solution.

Still be worried about it chopping me in half though! There is a thread on here about it somewhere with some very nice pics of where people have done it.

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