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Pesky Pajeros


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Chomping my way through the output from my barbecue this evening and the phone rings... it's Paul.

"You busy...?"

"Having supper. Why?"

"Well you know down at Mary Hill, where we wash the rovers off, Stevie's got his Pajero stuck in the east end with a trailer on, we came down to pull it out but nobody's got a tow rope... oh and you might want to bring a camera"

Hastily finished supper, grabbed camera and headed off..... to find this (and a couple of people with slightly wet feet) :D




A quick tug removed the Pajero, and a second removed the trailer, though towing a trailer on the end of 10 metres of rope does let it have a bit of a mind of its own as far as direction is concerned, probably not recommended for on road use :unsure::lol:

Quote for the day: "Oh yeah it's a quarry, hard in the bottom, you won't get stuck in there" :lol::ph34r:

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