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Power steering pump


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Just trying to fit a new pump but I'm struggling to get the thing in, is there a trick to it? Have lined up the notches but its hard to tell if they line up exactly.

The original pump looked as if it had copper slip applied when first installed but its hard to tell if its copper or not. Should I apply copper slip? If yes, how much?

This is on a 03 D2



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I'm not sure what you mean by notches, Pete. The pump sits inside an alloy housing on the side of the engine. They are usually a tight fit though, and the front mounting plate is a bit awkward too - depending on how much room you have made for yourself to do the job.


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Hi Les

Thank you, maybe notches is not the right word. The bits I'm on about the two bits that slot over each other when the pump is bolted on, there is one on the pump and a corresponding one in the block.

You right, its very awkward, almost thinking of taking out the rad?

Thanks again


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