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Circlip Pliers


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After using some really cheap c**p circlip pliers & getting very angry with them :angry: , I am looking to replace them with some thing better, any idea's?

I have some Sykes Pikavant ones, they do by means of a simple nut to change from external to internal clips, had them for 15 + years, good ones.

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Most problems with circlips stem from people fitting them the wrong way round. The holes for the pliers are tapered, and the tips on the pliers taper the opposite way.

If you fit the circlip with the larger opening outward then once fitted the tips will have a hell of a job to grip, no matter what make you use.

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Britool or Teng from Ebay.

and don't bother with the ones that have interchangable tips, they are not as good as a proper set of different sized ones...

Thanks for all your recommendations, have bought a set of four Teng ones, not from Eblag as five pounds cheaper + free postage from elsewhere. :blink:

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Bit late now but Knipex (get them through draper) are superb, they do pliers, snips etc all really good german quality.

Knipex were my first choice, but they were a litle more money & nobody had mentioned them :blush: but then again I dont use them that often so the Teng ones will be fine I am sure they will :unsure:

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