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Tyre Question


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Yet another tyre question I'm afraid :blush:

I've just finished fitting a 3" lift kit including new radius arms and am now thinking about tyres, from what I've read 37" are probably more trouble than they are worth, so have been looking and two packages:

1) Creepy Crawlers 35 x 12.5 R15

2) BFG MT's 35 x 12.5 R15

Terrain is mainly mud / shale with occasional rock work, I have on board air so dropping pressures to suit is not a problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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35/12.50/15 Creepy Crawlers will come up at about 34" if my research and information is correct, so shouldn't be too much of an issue height-wise, but with the 12.50 width, you will have some serious work to do to the arches/rear doors and the tops of the inner arches to allow them to move freely and not chew themselves up.

BFGs would be the best all rounder, but again the width might be your downfall...

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Wheel offset also needs concidering when getting big tyres to fit properly. too little and the tyres are more liekly to rub on the vertical face of the inner arches or chassis spring seats and too much and you will need wider arch extensions and possibly more lift.

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