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300Tdi - how to remove the ifuel njectors?


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I Recently posted a topic about engine loosing power.

I went along the fuel lines item by item - well pretty surprising discoveries I made:

- Sedimentor was full of water, mud and oil schlem

- The fuel pump was quite dirty

- The fuel filter - I guess, it should have been changed a long time ago - my mistake

- The fuel injectors - I got the first one out and it is solid black at the injection pin with carbon bubbles where the holes should be.

I got a set of new Bosh fuel injectors, but the question is how to get the old ones out?

The first one went quite OK, once removed the retaining nut and released the injector clamp plate from cylinder head, I managed to twist (spanner No 15) and remove the first one, but the remaining 3 just won't move at all.

The manual is not really specific, it just says:

"Remove injector and discard copper washer" But how the hell do I do that?

Do I need any special tool?

A crazy idea, but it may work - what about turning the engine? Will the cylinder pressure help to push them out? Is there any risk of turning the engine?

Please help.

Thanks in advance,


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There is probably a build up of carbon around the tip of the injector.

The correct method would be a slide hammer attached to the thread at the top of the injector (where the pipe normally fits). The cowboy method is to slacken the clamp nut a couple of turns and fire the engine until you see the injector move and can hear it blowing. Kill the engine pretty quick.

I cannot advocate the latter method - try at your own risk!

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