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Will this pass an MOT


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Hi, can you tell me if the secondary brake pipe is ok or should i replace it and reroute it elsewhere.


I'm not sure about it being in between the exhaust manifold and steering, its quite well away from both but feel i should replace it.



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For the MOT it'd be fine as it is although a clip on the pipe running to the front brake would be a good idea to stop it vibrating against the inner wing.

Normally the pipes run down the bulkhead which would probably be neater but best to fit the clutch first (if it has one).

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IMHO I would think that it might not pass an MoT since it is not secured sufficiently.

The problem I found in the past with a long unsupported run on brake pipe, was that the movement (from hitting bumps, or just vibration) caused fatigue at the union. I would not be happy in a car with that length of unsupported pipe run and would probably suggest putting it the other side of the steering and fastening it to the inner wing.



(edited - sorry - of course this is the clutch.. )

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i think you may have the rear one piped wrong, as i think its supposed to go into the side of the valve , then out of the front end of the valve to the rear brake pipes.

Spot on!

In the side, out the front, through 180, and off to the back axle.

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I wouldn't attach a brake pipe to a wing panel at all - the panel vibrates quite a lot and may cause premature failure of the pipe. Down the footwell and onto the chassis, or the two pipes supporting each other with clips and straight down is best.


Cheers Les, just going out to alter this, decided to mount T joint on chassis rail, good job i bought 50 feet of pipe. :blink:

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