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Brake lines


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im trying to replace the rear o/s brake cylinder on my 90. the nut holding the brake line into the cylinder is completely rotten and wont turn at all, if i cut the pipe is there any way of reconnecting it?? or what is the best way to do it??


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I faced this once...

I cut the pipe and removed the caliper to the bench where I grabbed the nut in the vice and, hey-presto... Nothing. I just chewed it to bits! :(

So next I cut it off flush and filed it flat - which of course left a little hole dead centre - this I used as a pilot and progressively drilled out the pipe and old nut until there was very little of it left and then I used a tap-extractor and out it popped! :)

I then discovered that only 3 threads were left in the caliper (the rest has corroded away - it wasn't me that damaged them) and so I replaced the whole thing anyway... :(

Hope this helps!


Sorry - Just read your post properly! You are replacing the cylinder - wot a wally I am!

If you cut the pipe and it (the pipe) is in decent nick, and there is a little slack, and there is enough space to get the flare tool in, then you can put a new nut over the end of the existing pipe and flare the end with the correct flare tool.

But it might be an idea to replace the whole pipe anyway and - if you have no flare tool or pipe in the shed at the moment, then perhaps you could ask a local (proper) garage to make up the correct length for you?

Hope this helps ;)


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