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What drop plate?

A Twig

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Right, I have a shiny NATO hitch, which I want to put on a drop plate, so I can interchange with my towball, depending on what trailer I'm towing.

I have a N Reg 300Tdi Defender 90, so:

1) What drop plate do I need? Part no's please!

2) Obviously I'll want a backing plate as well for the drop plate, what thickness do people recommend? Can I just buy one as a part as I don't have any pillar drills, angle grinders to make my own.

3) Finally, how safe are drop plate mounted hitches for non kinetic recovery?


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IMHO this would be a good item to fit instead of a dixon bate adjustable thang...

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=160314760226 which looks like a Southdown4x4 one !

If I did not have a NAS step on my 110 then Id get another one of these...

I dont do much off roading at the mo, just towing.

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would be better off fitting a Dixon-Bate adjustable assembly, then the tow hitches can be mved to suit whatever trailer is attached & the nato pintle can be used off tarmac right at the top.

just bolt it to a spare additional slider plate, that's what I've done with my nato pintle. & my 2nd slider has the normall 3.5tonne ball/pin hitch on it..

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