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LT77 problem

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Coming back from Newbury after picking up tyres, we were on the motorway doing about 60mph. Suddenly, there was a bang and a massive grinding noise from the box.

Now recovered home. Cant get any sort of drive at all. Can put it into any gear without putting clutch in, and doesn't make any difference whether in high or low box or with difflock on. For this reason, i am confident that this isn't a halfshaft!

As i can move the transfer lever normally, i am assuming that it isnt the lt230 transfer box.

My conclusion is that the gearbox was low on oil in the first place (although was supposed to be checked by a mechanic when i bought it last friday), and has stripped the input gears. Am i right in thinking this? Has anyone had a similar problem with these??

Will be ringing a certain garage in the morning to discuss ways forward with this as i dont think it is unreasonable to expect that a car you have paid top whack for to work after a week of ownership!

To be continued . . .

any advice greatly welcomed with regards to the gearbox diagnosis

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very oddly i too was on the way back from newbury and had exactly the same problem as you.

My gearbox too was low on oil and my input shaft broke.

Think the only way to tell is to have the unit out.

Bloody hell! Am really Mildly miffed at it going after having it a week! not impressed one bit.

Did you take yours apart to find that out? was it a sod to fix it?

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well i decided to go for a full rebuild chassis up, with an engine upgrade thrown in too.

Not possibly well thought out as at uni at the time and the truck got shifted around to different driveways in various states of disrepairO

Only got it back on the road last year, after 3 years in pieces, ironically after 6 months i have transmission problems again - with the candidate being the gearbox!!!

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