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Truck cab troubles

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I'm changing my hard top for a truck cab and I'm having a few problems fitting the truck cab. I can't seem to get the roof to sit down on the windscreen properly. I've put as many nuts n bolts on as i can but just loose and tried to get it all to sit straight but no luck. It seems like either the windscreen is too far back or the rear of the truck cab is too far forward. any ideas anyone?? The only things i've changed to do the swap is the 2 large bolts on either side of the center bulkhead. Oh and this is part of my rebuild on a galv chassis so I've had everything off so I guess this would affect this.

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Slacken the windscreen hinge bolts so that the screen is loose, then attach the roof/cab, and tighten the screen bolts last. Slight misalignment of the bulkhead exaggerates the angle of the screen, so a few mm at the bottom of the bulkhead becomes quite a bit more at the top of the screen. Alternatively - slacken all bulkead fixings and see if the whole thing will move forwards. If the wings are on and in line, then use the screen method.


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well Ive tried that method and it seemed to work ok with a bit of pushing an shoving but today i've put the doors on and they're severely on the tiddle. So i'm pretty sure that the bulkhead isn't sitting straight so now I've got to loosen all the bulkhead fittings and get it right :( and I thought I was almost done!

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