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LT77 Reverse Plunger Bearing

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My gearbox decided not to engage reverse, I guessed it was the reverse plunger sticking and once I had removed it is looks like the bearing has worn down so it sits below half way on the plunger and thus it jams, I can find the parts for the plunger casing and plunger shaft, but can you get the bearing on its own? if not does anyone know what size bearing it is in there? Also looks like the circlip has gone any ideas on this.

I have done a temporary fix for now binding some thin wire around the drop in on the plunger so it lifts the bearing about 1mm.

It might be a case of getting a complete new unit.

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Well I fitted the new parts today and guess what no difference, I tried everything I could think of !!!???!!!! I got to the point I thought it was the rear spring that not strong enough as the bearing was dropping in to the plunger recess and stopping the plunger moving in or out, I went to a mates garage in the end and found one he had lying around.

If you need to change the parts, just buy a new one and be done with it, but there about £55. :o

The one I put on is a little too easy and it's hard to distinguish the stop between 1st and reverse, but I notice there are 2 shims on where it mounts so I may need to remove one or two to create some more pressure.

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