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My favourite hammer


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Is my most recent hammer :)

A 38oz deadblow.

I've watched loads of American Choppers etc, and thats all they seem to use.

I know why now, they are lovely - I use mine all the time.

If you haven't got one - get one, mine cost about a tenner from MachineMart

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friday nights must be fun then :ph34r::o:o:o

:lol: - Tickled me!

I must replace the hammer I have, was given it as an apprentice, after many a year trueing up "work" with the timber shaft near to the head, in the chuck of a lathe its not got much life left, its splitting quite well now. Dead blow is on the list.

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so do i, got lots of different ones, if the wife trys to drag you round a boot sale... go... i've found some cracking old hammers in boxes of carp for as little as 20p..... :):D a little rub down and a polish up and they are good to go.... :)

got a realy big sledge hammer aswell, don't think you can buy them this big any more as its much to heavy to swing but its good for giving things a gentle clonk.... :D;)

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Just the normal 20 oz hammers for me. I used to have one with a fiber glass handle... until it snapped!

I now buy cheap draper or rolson ones because hammers are like pens, tape measures and calculators... they always go missing!! <_<:o

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