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can you over tension the cambelt

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wat tightnes should it be just so i can check it

I don't have access to the 200tdi manual so don't know if your figure is correct. The Defender 300tdi workshop manual says:

Apply a tension of 15 Nm (11 lbf/ft) for a new belt or 12 Nm (9 lbf/ft) for an original belt. When tension is correct, tighten clamp bolt.

Hope this helps,



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cheers ill strp the fooker out again and check tension

There was a post on the torques recently for a 200tdi.........

Its a little higher on the torques with a 200tdi than a 300.

New timing belt - tension to 19Nm

used timing belt tension - to 17Nm

I know what you mean about niggling thoughts keeping occuring telling you to check things.... I get it all the time and its a right pain

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