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Heya, Im new here!


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Hi there,

New here. My names Ben and I have a 1990 Range Rover 3.9 with LPG conversion, had it a while now it! It kinda sat on the

back burner for a while as rebuilding my cosworth took most of the time up as well as the 90 defender.

Now both are gone, this one is allowed out to play :)

I paid little for it 18 months ago, did the head gaskets and renewed the top end (The usual range rover complaints)

as well as new coil, leads, plugs aswell (the usuals). I've also rebuilt the LPG system which was a little old and tired as

well as stripping and cleaning the LPG condenser.

Shell wise it's pretty good, I've welded up 3 square plates on the sills for the mot and replaced 2 corroded brake

pipes (the other side were brand new)!

The rear x-member and body mounts are all good, boot floor, the rest of the sills,

rear arches.. all the usual places are good! So it was worth saving! Even the Top and bottom rear hatches are

rust free and shut. So i've been pleasantly surprised this one, havnt had to do much really.. apart from the above

and little bits and bobs like a shagged steering damper.

Oh yea and all electrics work, abs works and light goes out as it should! Snapped it up when I saw saw it 18 months

ago... Goes to show ya you CAN find a good condition/solid RR Classic dirt cheap; they're not all bad. :)


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Thanks everyone :-)

I'll sort out photo's when I get to the vehicle, not stored here at the moment! and the profile has been updated :-)

Speaking of the classic, im looking at a p38 v8 tommorow - not quite the ruggish charm of the classic but a worthy vehicle non-the-less! Looked at a few, as you know finding a good one can be a trouble but im persistant... answer this, am I mad? :ph34r:

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