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hey all.

im looking around to see what sort of ideas folks have had to set up carrying tools and strops etc in the back of their disco,s. I have a 3 door with the rear seats removed. Im thinking of removing the floor and attaching "d" rings so that i can ratchet things down or making a skeleton frame so that i can put boxes in and again ratchet them in.

Any help would help.

many thanks.

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I've been experimenting with different storage systems for the past few seasons.

First was storage drawers but these are too heavy and in a three door you want access to all of the rear cargo bay from the back door...so these came out.

Next was an aluminium frame that a secured to teh floor via the four tie down points that you'll find under the carpet. This works well but it lacks the flexibility to secure different loads each time.

My next system will involve a 13mm marine ply floor over the entire rear cargo area. In this i'm going to fix lines of recessed D rings so I can secure things differently as I wish.

Don't forget the rear door of a Disco has a few options to secure small light weight items that you sometimes need more often than others.


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Some Ideas I have used:

Drawers - Home built, heavy, but excellent for just throwing stuff into. You could make long versions if you wanted to?


Cargo Rail - Lets you fir tie downs wherever you want them, and is extremely good. I am using both these and the drawers in my current truck.



Rear Door Card - replaced with 3mm aluminium. Has more stuff attached to it these days, but this is the picture I can find!


also have a look on the Overland Modifications thread, as it has some good storage and load securing ideas on it...



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