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300tdi playing up after 2000rpm


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any ideas please before i start wasteing money. up to 2000rpm the engine is fine my problem is over that in all gears. power is there but its as though its getting blocked. you can set revs to 2500rpm but it will then flactuate between 2500rpm and 2250 rpm up and down constantly. air filter is dry and clean. fuel level is always over 1/4 tank. have added a further 20 litres and added some injecter cleaner no change. had new injecters last year and new head. has 150k on clock. has also a zeus timing gear conversion which has always been noisy and rattley. i did go through some flood water water the other day 3 1/2 ft but no problems. went up a steep hill afterwards so high revs but no problems. it was the morning after. any ideas would be great thanks for your time. :rolleyes:

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The first four things that spring to mind:

1. Sedimenter (just take it off and clean it)

2. Fuel filter

3. Lift pump

4. Air leak (Get a clear plastic cheapo filter, doesn't matter what kind and connect it in the diesel return line...look for bubbles while engine running)

will have a look at these at the weekend and see what happens thanks for your time

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