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turbo boost


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i everyone

Td5 51 plate 67000 on the clock and the turbo boost as dropped off. Not really getting any boost unless i give the old girl everything she's got in every gear and you only feel a bit of boost.

Has the turbo come to the end of its life or is there more of a problem.

Any help would be great before my wallet has to tell me the problem.

Thanks ben

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On the Td5 defender the nearside boost hose has a habbit of rubbing on a wing bolt when expanded on boost , This wears them a bit thin and leaky .The turbos generaly dont give much problem if regularly serviced with good quality oil .

Have seen that a few times lately....

Other things that could be causing problems:

Failed Pipework (as above) - I have even seen a pipe which had delaminated internally so you had a flap hanging down.

Failed MAP sensor (one on the intake manifold) - or it's full of crud from the EGR set-up.

Cracked or partially siezed wastegate - allowing exhaust gas to bypass the impeller rather than making it spin.

Split intercooler!! (again, have seen this quite a few times - both standard and some aftermarket ones suffer)

Failed EGR Valve

Blocked Air Filter


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