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weird turbo noise

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my 300tdi 90 has developed this weird noise at high revs which I think is probably turbo related but im not too sure. I can hear the turbo whistle and then as I push through the revs i hear this sound which sounds a bit like a belt saw cutting wood :blink: or a toothed belt rubbing, hard to explain, but its high pitched. the odd thing is i can only hear it whilst moving, if i rev when stationary I cant hear it at all just the turbo whistle. my intercooler does have a tiny hole in it and thought it could be that? any ideas?

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I can see this is an old post..... my 300tdi has exactly the same noise! Just wondering if you discovered what it was? Many people describe a whistle with a split pipe..... but it reminds me of a circular saw and not a whistle (more trumpet!)! Any help most gratefully received! :wacko:

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