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Land Rover Driver from Germany :-)


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Hello Forum ,

maby the Homebase from my lovly car can help me :-)

So i drive since 12 years Landrover Offroad , first a 110 exmod and since 2002 a 90 TD5

I spend a lot of time in our 90 and we drive also offroad very often .

so now my problems

at the moment my TD5 have a maximum Power of +-200 Hp an a Torque 480NM

so since a time my gearbox ist not pretty , over 3000rpm there is a Loud noise like a stamping so i think the Bearings are not pretty.

also the Gearbox oil and the Transferbox Oil is comming out on 3-4 places :-(

the next Problem is the Clutch , in higher Gears its slipps a lot :-)

So my Question , is there a Havy Duty Gearbox in GB maby with a 6 gear ?

and is there a Kit to change the 2 mas flywheel to a normal flywheel with a Havy Duty Clutch ??

Is there a solution to fit the new Gearbox from the TD4 Defender on a TD 5 Engine ??

thanks for your answers

pehaps this is a very nice Forum :-) and sorry for my englisch writing :-) i hope you know whath i mean

cheers Marcel



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I believe you can get heavy duty flywheels from a company called Rakeway but I don't think there is much else in the way of better gearboxes than the R380 and I've not heard of anybody fitting the new six speed Ford box to a Td5 though I suppose, like anything, it can be done :)

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Hello and Welcome Marcel,

I can only answer a few of your questions, with regards to the clutch you can change the dual mass flywheel for a solid one with either standard, HD or race clutch. The cheaper ones are made by Britpart (standard and HD), the more expensive HD and Race ones are made by Rakeway www.rakeway.com

As far as i am aware there isnt a 6 speed box available for the TD5 and am unsure if the new TD4 box will fit, someone on here will know though!

For your gearbox you ought to speak to Dave Ashcroft www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk as he is the drivetrain guru and a very helpful chap.

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thanks a lot for the answers , are there expirience with the FR 605 Gearbox ?

the clutch and flywheel from Rakeway looks good , i send an e-mail because the Price :-)

what are using the TD 5 Bowler for a Gearbox?

i know Aschcroft but in Germany are some Gyus have a lot of Problems with recoverd Gearboxes from then

but i will give him a call

if there other issus i am Happy

cheers Marcel

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