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Floppy gear charge - R380 gearbox


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The gearshift in my 300Tdi disco seems to have developed a problem, rather than springing back to the centre of the 'double H' gate, the gearstick is dropping over to the left-hand side (directly between first and second)

It is not afecting the performance of the gearbox but I have fluffed a few gearchanges between 3rd/4th as the gearstick doesn't want to stay centred when going from third to forth.

I'm guessing one of the return springs has broken, is this a hard job to fix?

I'm fairly handy withthe spanners/hammers but gearboxes are still a bot of a dark art... <_<

If anyone can offer any ideas/part numbers/ etc i'd be most gratefull..



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Yep I agree with my learned colleague above - if you can still find gears then the bias spring retaining plate has snapped off. If there were no gears it would be the grub screw fallen out of the selectors.

Its a very easy thing to fix with basic tools.

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On the couple I have done I think I did it by trial and error - put the box in 3rd gear, tighten everything up and see if it snicks cleanly from 3rd to 4th without any side pressure, and from 2nd to 3rd and 5th to 4th, if it all seems to work smoothly then you've got it set up right :)

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You'll have to put it back the same way as old one was fitted. The base is not simmetrical so it's easy to see which way round: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopi...mp;#entry306600

Here's the diagram:


All you have to do is fit the plate in a middle position and test how it shifts (preferably drive around the neighborhood). See if needs adjusting and put everything back together only after being happy with the result.

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cheers gents, plate hasn't arrived yet so i guess it'll be next weekend now.

I'll snap some pictures for the tech archive if i remember.

cipx2 - in the other thread you linked to, you suggested reinforcing the plate, even when new... where and how should i reinforce it?

I can get one of the 'welding stigs' at work to run a bead of weld along the inner edge of the fold if you think it would help? i'm just not too sure how close to the bottom of the fold the springs sit?

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