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04 disco lt230Q


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Im rebuilding the transfer box from an 04 disco and need to replace the "High range gear" and the "high low selector sleeve" The box is not the original so my local stealer is playing dumb and "cannot order these parts without the original chassy no. for the box" even though I gave him the serial no of the tx box :glare: so looking to get the part numbers for these.

Also the fuel regulator on the back of the td5 block is hemoraging diesel. Is this a common fault? Is there a seal kit number for the gaskit and O rings for this?

Thanks for the help


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To be honest I didnt want to annoy Ashcrofts as Im going to buy localy. I know Ashcrofts give an excellent service but when I add overseas shipping to an order its cheaper for me to go to a local stealer :unsure: I dont think its fair to ask for his time to get nothing in return!

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You forgot to tell us the TB serial number. We're not going to play dumb, if that's why you missed it :)

Yes, fuel pressure regulator is known to leak from time to time. See the thread in the tech archive: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=25537

The gasket between the regulator's body and the engine and also the o-rings are available separately (not as a kit). But the leak usually comes from the diaphragm (2nd pic in the above thread) which is not available separately.

So first thing would be to determine the exact place where the leak comes from.

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Well, this TB is not a LT230Q but a LT230SE.

The LT230SE boxes can be pre-2003 or 2003/4 make years. The reason your local dealer asked for the VIN is that they couldn't identify the 69D prefix TB as being of one kind or another.

And neither can I. All I know is the 69D doesn't have the diff lock internals (and that's from Ashcrofts website).

But it's relatively easy to identify it. I presume you already took the TB to pieces.

Look at the intermediate gears. On the pre-2003 TBs there are 2 circlips inside the gears (# 9 in the diagram below), one on each side, right behind the bearing tracks (# 8 in the diagram) acting like a shoulder (to stop the tracks going further in) whereas in the 2003/4 TBs there are no circlips (the shoulders are built in).


Here's another diagram:


So, the part #s are as follows:

1. "High range gear":

- for the pre 2003 (with circlips in the intermediate set of gears) LT230SE TBs: Output gear high range (# 3 in diagram bellow) => FTC4847

- for the 2003/2004 (without circlips in the intermediate set of gears) LT230SE TB: Output gear high range (# 3) => IEH500020

2. "high low selector sleeve": Hub and Sleeve Assembly (# 2 in the diagram bellow) => FTC5099 (no matter what make year).


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