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TRACKING - An MOT failure??


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Maybe a daft question but, is the tracking an issue with MOT?? Mine's due end of March :unsure: and I'm trying to eliminate as many problems prior to sending her in, the tracking is something on my list, but I'm just trying to prioritise what needs doing on the list for the MOT and what can wait.



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Tracking is not subjected to the same type of test as when you go in to the garage and say "Can you check my tracking?" in that the steering checks do not involve the laser or optical set ups. However, there is a robust visual inspection which will pick up worn track rod ends, etc, together with a mechanical working of the steering which will reveal any play, wheel bearing issues, and so on.

BUT! If you think your tracking is out, Can I suggest there may be much better reasons to have it checked as a priority before the MoT anyway? :(

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