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Will this fail the MOT?

Les Henson

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expanding foam.... my mate managed to use 4 cans of the stuff on his old mr2, on the arches sills and of course a bit of chemical metal and plate on the suspension turrets...

half a days work later and retested and it passed...... now sold. feel bad for the chap who bought it off him, it looked quite reasonable...

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This early Ninety actually had a current MOT when I bought it as a learn to weld project a few years ago,




That is the wiring loom you can see just forward of the tie down ring. I am thinking of patenting the 4x2 suspension system, I wonder if SimonR would be interested... X-woody.

I broke it up last year after the chassis started to fold in the middle, the rebuild is on my maybe to do list! The replacement spring mount was the only good bit left on the chassis

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