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disco gearbox into a 90 ?

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hi , wonder if anyone can help me out i,ve been reading the item about fitting disco 200tdi engine into a 90 by les henson and how to fabricate a front pipe . after this someone has posted a picture with a disco cast front pipe and les comments about how much room there is around the bulk head. this leads me to believe the disco engine will fit into the engine bay useing the disco box and bell houseing but the engine will be sat further forward than when useing a 90 box . i know the disco transfer box is different gearing and that the main gearstick is in a different position but i would like to hear from anybody who can tell me if this conversion is posible . better still any photos showing where the disco gearlever ends up in the 90 cab? would the different gearing really be a problem ? the discovery doesn,t seem to have a problem with this gearing. any photos showing where this setup would sit in the 90 engine bay would also be an help , any problems with clearence or with engine components hitting axles etc. any info at all would be much appreciated . cheers turbomangler.

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