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Hole Cutters advice please...


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I want to cut 4 or 5 holes in the Landy panels for various things - mostly different sizes.

Ideally I'd like to use the Q-Max Punch tools - Link - but it will cost me an absolute fortune and I can't foresee when I'll be using them again...

The other alternative seems to be tank cutters - like this Link - though I'm not sure what kind of finish I'll get?

Or lastly - and cheapest - are the adjustable cutters - Link

Any suggestions on what to use? I had hoped to be able to find a place to rent the Q-Max ones from, but haven't been able to.

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Blimey how many do you need as the Q-Max looked cheap to me (round ones anyway).

I have had limeted experience so I am sure a grown up will come along soon.

The adjustable cutter will need to be perfectly aligned otherwise all hell will let loose. And you really don't want to get anything cought in it as it goes round!

Haveing spent more time with a flypress and punches than drills, the best result would in my opinion be from the Q-Max if they are up to the job.

I made my dash with punches and there is no extra work or mess afterwards.


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Q-Max are brilliant, but on anything but flat sheet they will cause distortion.

Hole saws are good and will do curved body panels (for snorkels etc) but must be used with care in a hand-drill or they can snatch nastily.

The adjustable cutters are good for flat sheets that are clamped down on a drill-press, but I would never use one in a hand drill - much too dangerous IMHO.



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Thanks for the feedback :)

The holes need to be 60, 50, 38, 32, 22 and 19 mm - the bigger sizes in the Q-max are very expensive...

All the holes need to be in flat panels - but all would need to be done in situ, so that rules out the adjustable cutter.

Perhaps I can get grommets that mean I could use the larger hole sizes to replace some of the smaller ones.

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Don't use the fly cutter (the cheapest) - they are a pain, even in a drill press.

Just support the rear side with a bit of wood / mdf / whatever you have lying around and bung a holesaw through it if you want cheap results.

Personally, I'd spring for the punch though.


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