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300Tdi valve caps


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Not sure if I've used the right name for the part, but the 110 developed a tapping noise once warm the other day. I took the rocker cover off today to check the valve clearances and one was much larger than the rest. It looks like the top has come off the top of the cap that fits between the top of the valve stem and the rocker (see photo).

A few questions

- there's nowhere open today to get a replacement so can I just reset the gap and use the vehicle for a few days until I can sort it?

- any tricks to remove whats left of the cap? The others can turn and look like they should be able to lift off but this one seams as if if is stuck to the valve stem.

- should I be worrying about where the brocken bit of the cap has gone?

- are valve clearances supposed to be set hot or cold? them manual isn't clear. Last used the truck 3 hours ago and the engine is still a little warm.




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clearances set with a stone cold engine, you should be able to prise the little cap out, it only sits on the top with nothing holding it in place, any bits most likely dropped into the sump. using it with no cap could damage the rocker pad, which will mean a new rocker arm.

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Replace the lot, they are a relatively common failure.

You don't have to remove the rocker gear to replace them, just wind the rocker adjusters back.

I disagree with Ralph, clearances can be set hot or cold (0.008") and they are fairly critical for good performance.

I'd actually recommend dropping the sump and cleaning the shrapnel out as it won't come out with an oil change, about 200-300ml of oil stays behind in the sump when you remove the drain plug.

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Workshop manual doesn't say hot or cold just 0.20mm but doing theat on a hot engine it will be totally different when that engine cools down overnight.

Actually it doesn't alter much if any at all which is surprising.

I always used to do them cold, but a well known landy mechanic here advised me that it doesn't matter and he does them hot.

He really pushes checking them every service as you can keep an eye on the caps and he's found they really affect engine performance if you let the clearances blow out a little.

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