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boost diaphragm


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hi guys

after noticing some power loss yesterday, today i decided to investigate and after some research on here first i decide to look in the direction of the boost diaphragm on the injection pump. and once i removed the alloy cover i could not believe what i saw, the rubber was almost completly gone it seemed like it had dissolved

could anyone advise where i could obtain a new diaphram as i have scoured the net and can't seem to find a supplier

also does anyone know what would have caused it to dissolve like that

sorry no pics as camera not working properly

many thanks

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dave thanks for your your very kind offer but after spending most of the day on the phone i have managed to track one down locally

i was told it is only available as a kit and the cost is £28.00 incl vat does this seem about right

i am hoping to sort it tomorrow

will keep you all posted

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Western - all taken in jest - no worries :P

Flocks - managed to scrounge a diaphram last time I needed on so don't know about cost. Could sell you a complete injection pump if interested though ;)

Just be careful with the springs (one each side of the diaphram IIRC) as they tend to jetison themselves all over your drive when you take the cover off <_<


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hi all

i picked up my diaphragm kit today and is a bag full of copper washers and rubber o rings and a few other parts

to be honest i haven't got a clue where half of them go

does anyone have a strip down diagram/exploded view of this part of the pump to help me reassemble mine

many thanks


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