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3.9 V8 Turbo anyone


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Is the turbo running off one exhaust manifold or both?

the write up says

' the turbo on one side and a exhaust pipe coming from 1 bank of cylinders to meet the other manifold and turbo.'

so I the turbine is spun by both lots of exhaust gases :D wonder who/which company did the conversion

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These systems by Janspeed are very bad and unreliable, always breaking down and screwing the engine up!!

I'd go along with that. One of the Janspeed turbo converted RR's (3.5 I think) found its way here, never drove it but apparently it went like %^&$ off a shovel, while it went (which wasn't for all that long), then blew up.... never seen it again :unsure:

Nightmare of a thing, had a look at it once, seem to remember lots of non standard parts on the engine, funny exhaust system to go with the turbo, blah blah. Words "touch", "wouldn't", and "barge pole" spring to mind :unsure:

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Well, as the owner of a 3.5ltr turbo (Janspeed) Range Rover Classic, I think there are a few "tales" appearing here!

Like all things Rover, they do require maintenance, but no more than usual, the biggest difference is the mechanical sympathy required, my Turbo has been known to light its wheels in 4th! So of course, that said, the Lt77 thats fitted, is starting to get a little noisy. It can eat diffs like bob could smoke spliffs.

Treat it with respect and it is great, as for the comment of breaking engines, not if the engine was good to start with and its maintained, not just left for 30k!

And the noise, its the V8 burble with a scream of a massive turbo! (Rotomaster)

Floor it and you will see 6 - 8 mpg :o

Its fun, if my first megasquirt project goes well (on the blue print 4.0) then the turbo might get it as well.

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