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towing upgrades


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hi all i picked my caravan up yesterday and while it tows ace every now and again on a rough road surface it makes the back end pogo a bit more than i would like :unsure:

so i think my shocks could be better for this job so my question is what are the best shocks for this job??

off road ability is of no importance on this purely load carrying and towing

thanks rob

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You might be better off fitting some air helpers - effectively they are air bags that fit inside the springs that can be manually pumped up to the required pressure to help cope with heavier loads... I know Mark (Mark) would be able to shed some light as I know he has them fitted to his 300TDi Disco.

Incidentally, should the caravan have that much affect on the rear end of the vehicle. I'm sure there are some guidelines somewhere, but memory says you should only have about 100kg of nose-weight bearing on the tow bar...

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don't know weather you've got a single or twin axle caravan, but the single axle i have, i have to load it with most ot the weight on the nose or the caravan lifts and lowers the back of the 90 it also did it on the disco.

also i have the hitch set so the front of the caravan is just a bit lower than level

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its a 26 foot twin axle van

the van was sitting allmost level (very slight down on the nose) but car with van on was still sitting level

it towed awsome just on one really pi55 poor bit of road i felt the back of the car bounced more than i wanted (to be fair it was prob as the van wheels dropped into the pot holes

but i still think i want stronger rear shocks for the towing i will be doing with a loaded car and van

so what are good towing shocks?? or are new oe then best option??


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