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H/Duty Flasher Relay Part Number


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Sorry to drag this to the top again.

A PRC8878 Flasher Relay will not fit as it has 5 pins on the bottom.

The relay thats fitted is a 4 pin Lucas YWT10002.

So my question is is the a HD version of the YWT10002.

Many thanks


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From the markings on a 10002 I doubt there is anything bigger.

The PRC8878 looks to be marked in a similar way so I doubt it will offer more than you have.

10002 should be good for 6 x 21w so should be OK for the job.

Have you tried just replacing it? It may just be tired in it's old age.


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prc8878 has 4 terminals

or a better idea [as on my 110 with extra rear indicators] is run each extra light through a normal on/off relay powered by the existing original indicator on each side, trailer ind. light will then operate as normal.

Thankyou for your help.

Im now starting to get very confused with this. After a quick google of the part number I have found these



Both these are PRC8878 with 5 terminals. The link you've posted is for a PCR8876. Is this the relay I require.

Many thanks

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